Now And Then

“I can teach people to fix cars, but I cannot teach them to care for people.” I can’t recall who said this quote, but it sticks out to me. We hear the heart of the Golden Rule in quotes like this regularly. Personally, now and then, the law of reciprocity comes out at random times. … More Now And Then

Forward Conflict

There is a light that runs through the tunnel of chaos and conflict. This light exists when an ideal is present. An ideal that drives action and passion. But this ideal is built on trust, and the minute that trust breaks, the ideal becomes opaque and the light is lost. Darkness ensues and we are … More Forward Conflict

Show & Tell

Once again, Seth Godin has stirred my thoughts with some anecdotal wisdom. You can read the post here. We are predictably irrational. We are adept at meeting our own needs most of the time. What will satisfy us is usually pretty clear. We know what we need, and we tend to need it now. All … More Show & Tell